Zero Gravity Phone Case Review

Zero Gravity Phone Case


About Zero Gravity Phone Case

Zero Gravity started in 2010 and its goal is to create tne unique products for consumers looking for non-mainstream products. They are a technology accessories company focusing on functionality, fashion and creativity. Their company originated in downtown Los Angeles. They drew design inspiration from the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles and the gentle breeze of the Pacific Ocean. They are committed to creating a protective and distinctive iPhone case. So if you want to buy an iPhone case, you can check it out on this website. Their specific goal is: They work hard to provide you with the products you love, and can't wait to show off. Their products are unique to reflect the ingenuity of their customers. They think that the phone case is a surface for displaying artworks. So they are now using textiles such as embroidery to make their mobile phones more handicraft and artistic. So from their pursuit, their website is also a very fashionable website, and their products also have a sense of design. Even many customers think their products are very beautiful, so now more and more customers are willing to buy their products, and they are also committed to developing more products.

The Most Widely Used Zero Gravity Phone Cover

1 Zero Gravity Essence Embroidered

Essence Embroidered
Zero Gravity

  • Item Weight 3.34 ounces
  • Colour Essence
  • Manufacturer ZERO GRAVITY
  • Date First Available 43417

The design of Essence Embroidered is very stunning. Because they dress up your phone with beautiful patterns, eye-catching icons, exquisite embroidery, eye-catching prints and a zero-gravity premium protective case! Each one has been carefully crafted to perfectly combine fashion and function to become an ultra-fashionable accessory. And this accessory is made of high-quality materials and has a durable structure to ensure that it can withstand daily use. Its lightweight and tough surface resists abrasion and at the same time prevents scratches.

Zero Gravity Phone Case Review

Jessica Aitken

Better quality than expected. Super Cute!

So cute! Really good quality and so different from any other phone case I’ve ever had. Also surprising protective. Nothing bad to say about it. Love Zero Gravity cases!

2 Zero Gravity Isionary Embroidered

Isionary Embroidered
Zero Gravity

  • Item Weight 3.59 ounces
  • Colour Visionary
  • Manufacturer ZERO GRAVITY
  • Date First Available 43417

Isionary Embroidered is mainly applicable to IPHONE7 or IPHONE8. Then their products are very beautiful, and the raw materials used are also very good, and everyone can buy their products with confidence. Because their anti-fall ability is very strong, they can protect your phone very well, and if your product has any quality problems, they will also be responsible for helping you solve these problems.

Zero Gravity Phone Case Review


Gorgeous phone case!

Lightning fast shipping and solid quality! Love this case! Great quality. Sturdy and rubber edges for protection. Embroidered back and great colors. Have gotten lots of compliments on this phone case.

3 Zero Gravity Trip Embroidered

Trip Embroidered
Zero Gravity

  • Item Weight 3.98 ounces
  • Colour Trip
  • Manufacturer ZERO GRAVITY
  • Date First Available 43417

Trip Embroidered has the greatest degree of accessibility-the protective case is designed with precise cutouts for the smartphone's camera, buttons and ports, allowing unimpeded access to the screen and other functions for easy navigation. And they also have ultra-thin casings-upgrade the appearance of your device without compromising style! Their phone case uses an inconspicuous ultra-thin panel to protect your device without increasing the volume of the streamlined profile.

Zero Gravity Phone Case Review

Kelsey Miller

By far my favorite case I have ever purchased.

I got my iPhone last November and this was the first cover I got for my phone........ and it is still currently on my iPhone. I even bought a back up one incase something happens to this one. I have dropped this case numerous times... (even in a bubble bath) and it comes through every time. I absolutely love the design! (And so does everyone else. People ALWAYS ask me where I got my case from.) Thank you so much, Zero Gravity!!!!

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