Vena Phone Case Review

Vena Phone Case

Lightweight Vena vArmor case offers heavy protection for iPhone X with no  bulk | Equipment World

About Vena Phone Case

Vena is derived from the word venation, which means the arrangement of leaf veins. The concept of this company is inspired by the beauty of nature's marks and patterns, as well as a unified strand system that works together for a single purpose. Like a leaf, they incorporate purposeful beauty into their products and work with their designers, manufacturers and customers to develop the best products. Their team was founded in Minnesota, USA, and they are committed to helping you protect your latest equipment through their innovative designs. They carefully select and design their products to bring life to your equipment-stylish, functional and protective products. Their customers are their source of inspiration. Your lifestyle inspires them to create innovative products suitable for all walks of life. So you can find a lot of mobile phone protective cases, mobile phone holders or mobile phone charging cables in their shopping catalog. Or you can think of their website as a product that provides you with many professional mobile phone accessories. But in addition to providing you with professional mobile phone accessories, they can also provide you with accessories for other electronic products. So they are definitely a very comprehensive website. Many customers also like to buy their products.

The Most Widely Used Vena Phone Cover

1 Vena vCommute Wallet

Vena vCommute Wallet

  • Product Dimensions
  • Item Weight 2.39 ounces
  • ASIN B07V1VF2Y5
  • Colour Rose Gold / Red / Black
  • Manufacturer Vena
  • Date First Available 43732

Vena vCommute Wallet's patented design IPHONE 11 PRO MAX wallet case] vCommute combines function and protection. The hidden card slot can safely store ID, credit/debit cards, or transportation cards without interfering with Apple Pay. Compatible with Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. And the foldable leather flap on the back of their case doubles as a stand, so you can watch the video at the angle and comfort you need.

Vena Phone Case Review


Love it!

We have used these cases for our iPhones for years. They are functional and can hold our drivers license and 3 cards. That’s probably more than they are intended to hold, but it works for me. Saves me from having to take my purse every time I leave the house. It does have the “lip” over the sides of the phone that I believe protects the screen when I drop it. I have dropped it too many times to count, my screen and my screen protector are all in one piece! I recommend this case to protect you iPhone and you screen as well as to carry cards, IDs, and a little cash.

2 Vena vAllure

Vena vAllure

  • Product Dimensions 7.1 x 4.1 x 0.6 inches
  • Item Weight 2.39 ounces
  • Colour Gold/Coral Pink
  • Manufacturer Vena
  • Date First Available April 2, 2017

Vena vAllure is suitable for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus mobile phone case. A premium polycarbonate (PC) frame with a unique texture design adds extra grip to your Galaxy S8+. And they can protect your phone very well. Because they have precise cutouts and excellent tactile buttons. So you will think this phone case feels very good. Then it is also a mobile phone case worth buying.

Vena Phone Case Review


Great Grip and Style

This is an all around great case and at the price point it will be difficult to find something better. The back has a very nice feeling rubbery ripple that makes this phone very easy to hold and feels great in the hand. The back curves around the camera and fingerprint area making the button easy to press. The buttons covers work great and I have no issues using ant of the buttons on the side. The front top and bottom have a lip to keep the phone screen from touching the surface when face down. Offers medium drop protection. It will probably survive small drops and dings and but might not survive something serious. Great case and has been my daily driver for 2 weeks now.

3 Vena vArmor Rugged

Vena vArmor Rugged

  • Product Dimensions 6.81 x 3.86 x 1.45 inches
  • Item Weight 5.3 ounces
  • ASIN B08L41QR1D
  • Manufacturer Vena
  • Date First Available 44144

The new leather case is compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max, designed to increase convenience while providing full protection for your phone. Applies to Apple Pay. Vena vArmor Rugged also has a detachable belt clip rotating holster. You can put your phone in your pocket and no longer feel uncomfortable. With the detachable belt clip holster, you can now fasten the holster to your belt so you can carry it when you work, travel or play.

Vena Phone Case Review


Just what I needed

It is what I expected, sturdy, and the phone stand on the back is great. I just wish I would of found more colors on line. I like to find my phone, other than black.

4 Vena vLove Glitter Clear

Vena vLove Glitter Clear

  • Item Weight 7.4 ounces
  • Colour Rose Gold
  • Manufacturer VENA
  • Date First Available 44134

This glitter protective case has heart-shaped cutouts on the corners and back, making it one of the most popular protective cases for girls. Vena vLove Glitter Clear is compatible with Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. They are also combined with double-layer polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with raised bezels to protect your phone from unnecessary scratches and bumps. So their design is very good.

Vena Phone Case Review

karen davis

Stylish and durable

I love this case! It is durable and very cute! I get a lot of comments on it. I think it is one of the best cases I have had and definitely stylish! It is not cheaply made like many online cases.

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