Ulak Phone Case Review

Ulak Phone Case

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About Ulak Phone Case

To be honest, Ulak's mobile phone protective sleeves are relatively fashionable, because current customers have a very strong desire to buy mobile phone protective sleeves, and they buy more than one mobile phone protective sleeve each time, they hope to buy more than one mobile phone protective sleeve. Phone case, so you can switch to their phone case. Then many of their customers will choose to buy their mobile phone cases after seeing the prices of their mobile phone cases, because the prices of their products are indeed relatively cheap for most customers, and they are Within their affordable range. So you should choose a variety of products. So what types of mobile phone cases can you find on their shopping list? They actually know that most of the current customers prefer to use Samsung and Apple mobile phones, so they now provide a variety of protective cases for these two mobile phones. And the raw materials they use are also very environmentally friendly, so most customers have no problems with the use of their products. You also need to consider the practicability of their products, but the cost-effectiveness of their products is indeed very high, because the quality is very good and the price is very cheap.

The Most Widely Used Ulak Phone Cover

1 Ulak T-Series Dual Layer Style

Ulak T-Series Dual Layer Style

  • Product Dimensions 5.75 x 2.92 x 0.4 inches
  • Item Weight 1.28 ounces
  • Colour Minimal Rose Gold Stripes+Grey
  • Manufacturer ULAK
  • Date First Available 42915

The material of Ulak T-Series Dual Layer Style is very good, because you can find that the materials they use are enhanced anti-scratch materials, so their wear resistance is relatively high. And you can choose more colors, so many customers can try to buy their products. And they are mainly applicable to IPOD TOUCH.

Ulak Phone Case Review

Erin P.

Great Durability

I have had this case on my phone for the past 2 months and I love it. Not only is it cute but it does a great job protecting my phone. I have dropped my phone dozens of times on both the pavement and in the house. There are no signs of damage or wearing. My screen did not shatter either. I have a toddler who likes to take off with my phone and chew on the top of the case where the gray silicone is... in guessing it feels neat on her teeth? Even still, the case looks brand new! If it can survive us then it should be able to survive most anything!

2 ULAK Slim


  • Item Weight 1.76 ounces
  • ASIN B08G44NQ3J
  • Colour Star
  • Manufacturer ULAK
  • Date First Available 44061

ULAK Slim Ulak Transparent Case for iPhone SE 2020 and Bling Glitter Case for iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 can provide good protection and perfectly fit the device. Moreover, the 4 corners adopt enhanced ergonomic industrial design, with super cushioning and super shockproof functions, to provide more protection for your equipment. The high-quality TPU makes the bumper soft, cushioned and flexible, which can hold the phone firmly and buckle easily at the same time.

Ulak Phone Case Review


Veey durable case. Inexpensive and it works.

I use this for my phone when I am working in the garage. I have dropped my phone on a couple of occasions and the protruding corners of this case saved me from having a cracked screen. The case fits really well on the phone. I makes adjusting the volume and turning the display on and off easier. Also, the case enclose the ringer switch so now I don't accidentally switch it off.

3 Ulak Crystal Clear

Ulak Crystal Clear

  • Product Dimensions 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight 0.023 ounces
  • Colour Clear
  • Manufacturer ULAK
  • Date First Available 43832

Ulak Crystal Clear is compatible with iPhone XR 6.1 inches (2018 version) and supports wireless charging. The three-layer structure xr shell is made of soft TPU. The transparent and shiny hard PC bumper and shell help absorb shock resistance, are absolutely durable, and provide perfect protection against accidental drops, damage, collisions and other daily damages . And their design is very much you like. Because they combine elegance with the durability, versatility and functionality required by ULAK enclosures.

Ulak Phone Case Review


Great quality phone case

Made phone a little bulky. Is very protective it seems but there is not actual screen protection. I love the feel of the case though it feel like good quality rubber that would protect my phone for drops.

4 Ulak Heavy Duty

Ulak Heavy Duty

  • Product Dimensions 5.79 x 2.99 x 0.59 inches
  • Item Weight 1.76 ounces
  • ASIN B0786VK67B
  • Colour Black
  • Manufacturer ULAK
  • Date First Available 43081

Ulak Heavy Duty is made of a hard PC case and soft internal silicone protection to prevent scratches and chip accumulation. It is suitable for iPhone Xs 5.8 inches 2018 and iPhone X 2017 5.8 inches. They also have anti-scratch and anti-slip: iPhone is slippery and easy to fall from your hands, and the silicone bumps on the back of the case can prevent slip. So these features are the most important reasons why many customers choose them.

Ulak Phone Case Review

David Kudlacek

awesome price & really cute

I love this case. It was so cheap, it’s cute, and easy to take on and off to clean or switch cases if wanted. I haven’t dropped my phone with it on, but the front of the case goes around the corners of the phone and so does the silicone underneath the plastic. I don’t think I’ll have any issues with it if I do drop it. I never see finger prints on it either, I have a 8 month old who’s always grabbing at my phone with slobbery fingers too and it doesn’t hold his prints either.

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