Red Pepper Phone Case Review

Red Pepper Phone Case

About Red Pepper Phone Case

Red Pepper must be a more professional store for you, because many customers will be curious, what are their main products? And they are mainly an online store selling all kinds of mobile phone cases, and many customers are very satisfied with their mobile phone cases. Because their customers know that their store is an online store that pays great attention to detail, and the quality of many mobile phone cases they provide is very good. Then they also cooperate with very professional factories to produce the best products for you. And the more products they provide are mobile phone protective covers for Samsung phones, because they believe that most customers use these two types of mobile phones. But their other products may be more suitable for you, so as long as you have this requirement, they can provide you with the best products. Even they can provide you with customized services. So when you buy their products, you don't need to worry at all. Because they are definitely a very professional online store selling mobile phone cases. And all of their products are also made in the United States, so this also meets the needs of most customers. Because many of their customers are still more concerned about their production location.

The Most Widely Used Red Pepper Phone Cover

1 Red Pepper B01GFYVRAG

Red Pepper

  • Product Dimensions 5.8 x 3 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight 3.98 ounces
  • Colour Red
  • Manufacturer Redpepper
  • Date First Available 42522

B01GFYVRAG can be used for iPhone 6S waterproof case. Blue protects your phone when you swim, dive, drift, surf, jet skis, etc. When you close the case, you should use a lot of force to press around the case, so it is a waterproof design and a completely sealed design. Then you will feel that such a product is very easy to use. It is also a product that you can buy with confidence.

Red Pepper Phone Case Review

Mr. St-Pierre

Fits perfectly. Quality and great price!

Fifth case to buy either for myself or as a gift and absolutely love them! It’s very durable, I dropped my phone in the water to test it and it works great. If you don’t hold the phone just right it sounds muffled. Other than that perfect.

2 Red Pepper X

Red Pepper X
Red Pepper

  • Item Weight 2.39 ounces
  • Colour Teal
  • Manufacturer Redpepper
  • Date First Available 44118

Red Pepper X is a Redpepper protective case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. Suitable for drops up to 3m (10 feet). Made of shock-absorbing high-grade soft TPU and PC materials. The built-in screen protector prevents breakage. So many people think that these products are worth your purchase, and then you can always believe that these products are very useful for your life.

Red Pepper Phone Case Review


Works So Far!

It fits the new phone perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. My husband and I both got the same case but we have different colored phones which we can see from the clear back of the case. His is blue and mine is gold. I hope the white frame doesn’t get too filthy but I’m sure a little rubbing alcohol will take care of that. All in all for the price and considering it was readily available before the phone I’m super pleased.

3 Red Pepper Waterproof Case

Red Pepper Waterproof Case
Red Pepper

  • Product Dimensions 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight 0.023 ounces
  • Manufacturer Redpepper
  • Date First Available 43983

Red Pepper Waterproof Case is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S8. Easily access power, volume, and all ports, buttons, and functions based on precise cuts. IP68 certified waterproof, designed and tested under 6.6 inches/2 meters water for 30 minutes, the snow/moisture/dust-proof housing of Samsung Galaxy S8 provides excellent protection for any underwater activities or outdoor activities or daily use. That is to say, these mobile phone cases can protect your mobile phone well, and then you should also like their products.

Red Pepper Phone Case Review

Janki Gonzalez

Nice! Great material!

I'm very happy. I'll use it as soon as I get it. The new case is not bad. The camera is not afraid of being worn. It can be seen and touched. It's very thorough. It's very good-looking. It's comfortable and antiskid. You can't fall on such a expensive mobile phone. The shell is very soft and easy to disassemble. The material is soft and can't scratch the mobile phone. I'm very satisfied.

4 Red Pepper Slim Clear Case

Red Pepper Slim Clear Case
Red Pepper

  • Item Weight 2.39 ounces
  • Colour Purple/Clear
  • Manufacturer Redpepper
  • Date First Available 44118

The precision-designed case is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and has a built-in sensitive touch screen and precision cutouts for easy access to all ports, buttons, speakers, and cameras. And this shell is shockproof. Made of shock-absorbing high-grade soft TPU and PC materials. The built-in screen protector prevents breakage. You can also find that they are very thin and light, because the materials they use are absolutely environmentally friendly. You need to trust these products.

Red Pepper Phone Case Review


Lightweight and protective. Great starter case!

Good coverage. Not too bulky. Solid start for our new phones. Everything is great about in. The lighting plug area is a bit deeper than normal.

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