Pelican Phone Case Review

Pelican Phone Case

Pelican™ Brings Security And Confidence With Debut Of Four New Rugged Cases  For The iPhone®

About Pelican Phone Case

Pelican has a very long history. You can find more backpacks on their purchase order, such as cooling boxes, first aid kits, or mobile phone cases. So their products are very useful, and you will often use their products in your life. Of course, you will also buy some special mobile phone cases, and they can also provide you with customized services, and they guarantee that the quality of the products they provide you is absolutely very good, so you can rest assured Buy their products. And many customers still like their products very much because their prices are still very cheap. And many customers still have a question about what types of mobile phone cases they can buy on this website. For example, you can buy mobile phone cases for Apple phones, and then you can also buy mobile phone cases for Samsung phones, or You can still buy phone cases for LG phones. So you can trust their products. Because their products are worthy of your trust. Their products can also satisfy you.

The Most Widely Used Pelican Phone Cover

1 Pelican Shield

Pelican Shield

  • Product Dimensions 6.42 x 3.27 x 0.44 inches
  • Item Weight 7.7 ounces
  • Manufacturer Pelican
  • Date First Available 43704

Pelican Shield fully meets your expectations: protect your phone in 5 layers of protection against any interference in life. Whether you fumble for your phone while looking for a key or leave it on the roof of your car, your phone will be safe. The shock-absorbing inner shell and reinforced corners together create top-level drop protection that exceeds military test standards. The easy-to-use port cover provides an integrated layer of extra protection for the elements, while still allowing all of your phone functions to remain fully operational. So their ability to resist beating is very strong.

Pelican Phone Case Review

Painter Bill

Awesome Case. Exceeds Expectations! Better than buying a new phone & This case IS compatible with wireless charging!

This case rocks! My phone is well protected and has survived several drops already. Installation is super easy, it does NOT screw together like it looks in the pictures. The front and back halves snap together securely. The buttons are easily accessible with the integrated rubber like buttons (not sure what they're made of). The switch and lightning port are protected by rubber like locking flaps. The perimeter of the case is hard plastic, but it has rubber like ribbing on the face and back so it doesn't slide around. You get full access to the entire screen.

2 Pelican Voyager

Pelican Voyager

  • Product Dimensions 3.58 x 1.57 x 6.42 inches
  • Item Weight 4.2 ounces
  • ASIN B07B5WF3D2
  • Colour Clear/Grey
  • Manufacturer Pelican Products Inc.
  • Date First Available 43160

The material used by Pelican Voyager is also sure to please you, because the slim design with soft-touch overmolding is easy to hold and will not slip off the surface. And their leaders in the field of mission-critical equipment protection has been trusted by professionals since 1976. The same products that protects their armed forces, emergency and scientific equipment in the harshest environment on earth can now be used to protect your mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Pelican Phone Case Review

Dylan Hornick

Good value for the money. Great Price Durable Case!!

Worked really well, extremely secure. Very very durable. Excellent price. It does what it said and great quality.

3 Pelican Protector Sling

Pelican Protector Sling

  • Product Dimensions 6.3 x 3.7 x 1.43 inches
  • Item Weight 1.65 ounces
  • ASIN B08FQT68G9
  • Colour Protector Sling Mauve Purple
  • Manufacturer Pelican
  • Date First Available 44117

Pelican Protector Sling is still very useful for people's lives because they have many advantages. The lightweight design with padded shoulder straps enables ultimate portability and versatility; high-density closed-cell foam for ultimate insulation; leak-proof zipper with waterproof seal to store ice cubes and objects in place. And they are a waterproof and durable soft cooler that allows you to free your hands and keep cold drinks by your side. So many customers think this is a very convenient product.

Pelican Phone Case Review

Jacob Price

Great highly protective case

The Pelican case offers more protection than I expected. There is one area where the protection isn't as complete but has turned out not to be an issue. That is the holster/belt clip. The Defender clip fully covers the screen whereas the Pelican covers about 75-80%. The Pelican case also needed a minor modification as the sides of the case are so smooth as to be a bit slick. A little bit of 200 grit sandpaper solved that. The case does not support wireless charging, but I decided that was not important for me. The phone mounts very securely on my Scosche Magic Mount in my truck. With the Defender case the metal plate needed to be mounted to the hard shell under the rubber outer case which reduced the effectiveness of the magnets and caused the phone to sometime release when traveling on bumpy roads.

4 Pelican Rogue

Pelican Rogue

  • Product Dimensions 6.14 x 3.19 x 0.45 inches
  • Item Weight 3.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer Pelican
  • Date First Available 43704

Pelican Rogue lives up to expectations, offering the same high-quality protection as its predecessors, and a new waffle format shell with two unique styles. No matter which way you prefer, they can provide you with heavy defense in a streamlined form. The main point is that the materials they use are also very good, so many customers can buy their products with confidence. They also hope that you can like their products.

Pelican Phone Case Review


Excellent texture. Good sturdy case.

This is a great phone case and is very durable. It’s a hard material that will last a while. Will protect my iPhone from breaking screen or other parts. Nice looking, sturdy, comfortable to hold and very protective. I particularly like the textured backside of the case. I would recommend this case.

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