OBLIQ Phone Case Review

OBLIQ Phone Case

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About OBLIQ Phone Case

The products sold by OBLIQ are not expensive, and the products they sell are very cost-effective. But what are the main products they sell? The products they sell are mobile phone protective covers, and they now sell protective covers for various mobile phone models, such as iPhone, Samsung and other mobile phone protective covers. And their brand has a very long history, because they were mainly established in 1999, so they have a history of more than 20 years. So they have been improving their products during this period of time, so the quality of their current products is already very good. So their products are very reliable, and the prices of their products are also very suitable. You can feel that their products are indeed high-quality and inexpensive products, so you should consider buying these products. The most important point is that their products are also very fashionable, and the design of their products is also very simple, so many customers will choose their products. And their products are mainly produced in southern California, so their products are produced in the United States. Such products are also in line with everyone's requirements, but before you buy their products, you still need to understand the specific use of their products, which is very good for you.

The Most Widely Used OBLIQ Phone Cover

1 OBLIQ Skyline Advance

OBLIQ Skyline Advance

  • Product Dimensions 3 x 0.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight 2.4 ounces
  • ASIN B014QE0N8O
  • Colour Advance Rose Gold
  • Manufacturer Mobile Life Group
  • Date First Available 42247

OBLIQ Skyline Advance is specially designed for Apple iPhone 6s Plus (2015) and iPhone 6 Plus (2014) smartphone devices, compatible with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, International and unlocked models. You can use their innovative stand function to watch Netflix, Youtube or any of your favorite TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere. So you should like their products.

OBLIQ Phone Case Review


Great for IPhone 6S Plus -Rose Gold

LOVE IT!!!!! The dual protection has a rubber case enclosed by a hard case. Protects the phone without making it too bulky. Volume and power buttons are covered by the black rubber and open slots for speaker/charger/headphones/ring tone buttons. Does not obstruct camera and flash buttons. Kick stand made well. Isn't flimsy like other phone cases I had. Best of all the Rose MATCHES exactly with the Rose Gold. With other cases I always had a problem with them being too sleek/smooth which causes the case to fall out of my lap. This case has the opening in the back for the kickstand and logo which causes the case to have some sort of traction so it isn't slippery. Stays in place but still able to slide in my back pocket. Also has rubber grips on the side for your fingers to hold on too. If you got the Rose Gold phone get this!

2 OBLIQ Naked Shield

OBLIQ Naked Shield

  • Product Dimensions 3 x 0.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight 1.4 ounces
  • Manufacturer Mobile Life Group
  • Date First Available 42247

Designed exclusively for Apple iPhone 6/6S-Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, international models. The design of OBLIQ Naked Shield is very good. Because of the slim design and perfect fit, it will hardly increase the volume of the device. Of course. Then you can use their products well. This must be very useful for you. You need to trust their products

OBLIQ Phone Case Review

Jean Victor Mojica

Better then expected

Better then expected. I love the fact that it's clear and you can see the actual phone. The little kickstand is nice but I wish it would also hold the phone up right. Great case! I would then expected. I love the fact that it's clear and you can see the actual phone. The little kickstand is nice but I wish it would also hold the phone up right. Great case, I would recommend.

3 OBLIQ Slim Meta

OBLIQ Slim Meta

  • Product Dimensions 3 x 0.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight 2.01 ounces
  • Colour Meta Satin Silver
  • Manufacturer Mobile Life Group
  • Date First Available 41989

OBLIQ Slim Meta is designed for Apple iPhone 6/6s smartphone devices. They seem to be very advanced products because the materials they use are very good. They use a fitted polycarbonate case for the new iPhone to provide maximum protection. They provide different color spectrums for customizing your Apple iPhone 6/6s. So many customers like their colors very much.

OBLIQ Phone Case Review


Great case

Great product and would buy again. I bought this case because I had the "Spigen air skin case" and I would always drop my phone because the spigen case was pretty slippery. I like how slim the OBLIQ case is, I'd say its as thick as the iphone 4 and it fits into my pocket well(Slim fit/skinny pants). This case has protected my phone pretty well and it covers all the edges of the phone. I had an incident where my phone fell off a roof when I was painting a house and the phone was fine. I had this case and a tempered glass screen protector on and the phone was unscathed.

4 OBLIQ K3 Wallet

OBLIQ K3 Wallet

  • Item Weight 3.8 ounces
  • ASIN B07H46Y7ZQ
  • Colour Brown/Burgundy
  • Manufacturer OBLIQ
  • Date First Available 43357

OBLIQ K3 Wallet is specially designed for iPhone XR (2018). Compatible with all operators, unlocked versions and international models. All their phone functions, buttons, and sensitivity are accessible. The precisely calibrated cutout allows compatibility with most 3rd square jacks and ports. So many customers find it very convenient to use them, so their practicality is very high.

OBLIQ Phone Case Review

Ann Lafavore

Good value

Just what I was looking for , most importantly my credit cards fit the way they should & a little extra slot for cash . Very good value for the money . I am fussy bastard me happy you will be to, Cheap happiness for sure!

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