Catalyst Phone Case Review

Catalyst Phone Case

Catalyst Total Protection iPhone 12 Pro Max Case REVIEW | MacSources

About Catalyst Phone Case

Catalyst is a problem solver company with a history of invention. Their expertise in product design and engineering enables them to create solutions to global problems with huge potential. They provide comprehensive protection for you and your equipment. For more than a decade, their unparalleled range of protective sleeves has allowed users to experience life as they wish, while always keeping their valuable equipment safe. So their products have been developed for a long time, and most of the customers also like to use their products. And their customers also recognize their brands, because their award-winning awards, patents, recommendations, news reports, and the most important list of customer reviews prove the value they bring to the lives of their customers and what they have achieved in the industry. progress. Their products are protective sleeves that can protect your personal equipment and protect you. So you can buy their wide range of waterproof and shockproof mobile phones, tablets, Apple Watch and AirPods cases and accessories. And now they are also constantly developing their new products, and they believe you will still like their products. And they are designed to withstand a variety of protective products in harsh working environments. So such a product will definitely make you tempted.

The Most Widely Used Catalyst Phone Cover

1 Catalyst Waterproof

Catalyst Waterproof

  • Product Dimensions 6.46 x 3.46 x 0.51 inches
  • Item Weight 2.08 ounces
  • ASIN B07X62MP5P
  • Colour Stealth Black
  • Manufacturer Catalyst
  • Date First Available 43781

Catalyst Waterproof is mainly applicable to iPhone X. And their main function is waterproof, and this kind of mobile phone case is transparent, so many customers are willing to try such a product, because many customers think the style of this mobile phone case is very simple, so their scope of application It is very broad. Then you can ask any questions you have.

Catalyst Phone Case Review


Solid case. First Impression... Awesome!

Purchased two of the catalyst water proof cases. One for my iPhone 11 and and one for my XR. Good quality build, with the exception of the bottom flap portion that allows access to the charging port. Definitely recommend using the wireless charging feature to reduce the usage of the bottom flap. I used the case in the water and the phone stayed dry, it worked!

2 Catalyst Influence

Catalyst Influence

  • Product Dimensions 6.61 x 3.43 x 0.49 inches
  • Item Weight 1.38 ounces
  • ASIN B08FB8KB24
  • Colour Clear
  • Manufacturer Catalyst
  • Date First Available 44048

Catalyst Influence is mainly applicable to the iPhone 12 series, providing high-quality protection for your valuable assets. It is designed for a slim and portable appearance, showing the true shape of your iPhone. This protective case uses a micro-textured handle and a frosted fingerprint-free back to provide a professional appearance, comfortable touch and high-quality protection. So they are absolutely in place for your mobile phone protection.

Catalyst Phone Case Review

Audio Dave

Good Protection!

I love this case it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m usually a life proof person but they haven’t been that well made lately. It’s been extremely hard to find a good durable case that I liked for the new 12pro max. I love that it has lanyard capability and other accessories available on all 4 corners. The wristlet it comes with makes me feel secure in case I were to drop it. It also holds a pop socket securely on the back. I love it so much I preordered the waterproof catalyst case for the 12pro max. Hopefully it meets my expectations as well. This case is great and I’ll definitely be recommending it to my friends and family. This is not a paid review this is genuine. I’m not sure I’ll go back to life proof again. I Love this case!

3 Catalyst Impact Protection

Catalyst Impact Protection

  • Product Dimensions 7.52 x 0.63 x 4.2 inches
  • Item Weight 2.11 ounces
  • ASIN B074172HQN
  • Colour Army Green
  • Manufacturer Catalyst®
  • Date First Available 42976

Catalyst Impact Protection has extremely high durability while maintaining a lightweight feel. Thanks to our high-tech design and materials, this phone case can withstand a drop of at least 9.9 feet. The raised frame protects the screen from falling on the face, and the includeds wrist strap is still the best protection against falling. This kind of protection measure is absolutely very useful for your mobile phone, and it can protect your mobile phone very well.

Catalyst Phone Case Review


Perfect...for me!

Pros: slim yet rigid excellent design. My favorite feature is the lanyard. Super useful because my phone tends to fall out of my pocket. I usually have my fingers wrapped in the lanyard when I'm out. Or when I'm with kids and I'm trying to take selfies, it doesn't get accidently knocked down. Cons: for some people the backing which is clear and can attract fingerprints but I don't mind since the iPhone 8 is glass anyways. Glass attracts fingerprints. I have the iPhone 8 in gold and fingerprints can't really be seen unless you look super close. Overall: I LOVE this case.

4 Catalyst Vibe

Catalyst Vibe

  • Product Dimensions 6.06 x 3.19 x 0.47 inches
  • Item Weight 1.48 ounces
  • Colour Stealth Black
  • Manufacturer Catalyst
  • Date First Available 44112

Catalyst Vibe can change your style and express yourself. And they are the Vibe case for iPhone 12 series. It offers a variety of colors and is decorated with intricate patterns and tactical textures. This phone case allows you to be you, keeping your phone in a brand new condition. So you must need these products in your life. Because they are very important to your mobile phone.

Catalyst Phone Case Review

Jory & April Mathis

Awesome Case!

Been a lifeproof fan for longer than i can remember. So when we upgraded to 12pro phones, i bought lifeproof next and this vibe and the influence. I like this one best of all. Surely looks and feels it will take an inpact. I did add a screen and camera protector too. Grip on this case is real nice. Its very compact and doesnt add much width to the phone. All the folks that felt it always asked what case it was as they really liked how it felt. The dial mute button works well but a little finger strength is required. My daughter that i bought the lifeproof for actually asked for one of these cases instead. My only complaint- no port cover protection. So i bought a port plug- i charge wirelessly anyhow.

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