Body Glove Phone Case Review

Body Glove Phone Case

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About Body Glove Phone Case

Do you like some special sports? Do you usually do exercises? If you are very interested in sports, you should be able to come to Body Glove to have a look. Because they are a professional online shop selling surf sports products, and now more and more customers are very fond of such an exciting sport, so you should also consider buying their surf products. And you can choose some special surfing products on their shopping list, for example, you can choose surfing clothes, surfing pants or even skateboards. And their products are relatively cheap, so their products are very popular among young people, especially those who are looking for excitement. And if you are also a beginner in surfing, you should actually choose these products. It is precisely because their products are not expensive, so their products are very suitable for beginners, and then you can also buy more products, because the cost-effectiveness of their products can still make you satisfied. And they have also developed many other products. For example, Body Glove provides water-proof and moisture-proof mobile phone cases and various sports style mobile phone cases for surfers. In Body Glove, you can definitely find a mobile phone case product that suits you. To sum up, they are an online website that allows you to choose beach sports products, so they are very suitable for your hobbies.

The Most Widely Used Body Glove Phone Cover

1 Body Glove Satin

Body Glove Satin
Body Glove

  • Product Dimensions 7.5 x 4.9 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight 2.4 ounces
  • Colour Grape
  • Manufacturer Body Glove
  • Date First Available 41818

Body Glove Satin is suitable for iPhone 6/6s. And they are stylish and elegant watch cases because of their ultra-thin shape and custom fit. If you buy these phone cases, you can easily access all the buttons and ports. And the materials they use can make you satisfied, because they use shock-absorbing materials. Therefore, these products have enhanced grip, and you also need to trust these products.

Body Glove Phone Case Review

karen castro


Very good case that is really sturdy and saves phones from drops, I have a little son and he has dropped it multiples times and this case has never failed to protect my phone. The case fits perfects doesn't wear or tear, ive had it for a year and it is still holding up strong and I will use it till the end!!! It is lightweight and it doesn't damage or scuff up the phone at all, best protection ever!!

2 Body Glove Rise

Body Glove Rise
Body Glove

  • Product Dimensions 4.37 x 1.25 x 7.87 inches
  • Item Weight 1.6 ounces
  • Colour Raspberry/White Shimmer
  • Manufacturer Body Glove
  • Date First Available 41897

Body Glove Rise uses a stylish and modern design that combines fashion and protection. It is made of durable and wear-resistant materials to provide strong protection and help absorb shocks. The case is made of brushed aluminum and decorated with high gloss. The satin case is tailor-made for iPhone 6 Plus, allowing you to use all the buttons and controls. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns and are a slim suitcase that can be easily put in a pocket or purse. They are also a trusted source to protect the hottest new mobile devices!

Body Glove Phone Case Review


Favorite shock proof case of all time. Carbon lovers dream!!!

Perfect fit! Very thin! Excellent protection!!! Best case out there IMO. Has a gel like costing over the carbon fiber on the back and rubber sides. It is REAL CARBON also. Not sure why it has little reviews but this case is perfect!!

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