Bandolier Phone Case Review

Bandolier Phone Case

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About Bandolier Phone Case

Bandolier is an online store that provides you with a variety of high-end mobile phone cases, and you should like their products more. Because all their products are very user-friendly. They are designed to adapt to your life, not just your phone. Their hands-free, chic and available anytime, anywhere, and their exquisite style redefines the combination of utility, style and business entertainment. They turn your iPhone into a brand new accessory, which will change your life. Each of their products uses its patented design and has a separate wallet that can store credit cards, driver's licenses and cash, thus avoiding the real hassle of carrying a handbag. Add a stylish handbag that can take more things you need to take away during the day or night. So if you like mobile phone cases with unique styles, you can open this website to take a look, because each of their mobile phone cases has a very unique meaning, and their mobile phone cases are also very fashionable, so there are Many fashionable men and women will come to buy their mobile phone cases. Of course, you may also consider the price of their products, and their prices should be considered more appropriate for you.    

The Most Widely Used Bandolier Phone Cover

1 Bandolier Emma Crossbody

Bandolier Emma Crossbody

  • Product Dimensions 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight 0.023 ounces
  • Colour Black/Silver
  • Manufacturer BANDOLIER
  • Date First Available 43139

Bandolier Emma Crossbody has an open design with a snap cover-the open design allows you to easily access your screen; the stylish snap back pocket hides and protects your credit card, driver's license and cash. They also have luxurious pebbled leather that fits your cards and other items perfectly. And they guarantee that you will be satisfied with these products, because their quality is absolutely very good.

Bandolier Phone Case Review


Quality quality quality! Does not disappoint!

I’m a huge fan of the bandolier! I had one for my iPhone 6s, and it was a lifesaver when traveling; I got so many more great photos and never worried about dropping my phone. It’s also great when using walking directions in maps. In addition, I found it super useful at work when I need to have my phone accessible and need my hands free. Plus, the bandolier looks good! It’s not some cheaply made piece. When I upgraded to the iPhone Xs, I knew I needed to get another one. Thus, this purchase! I love my new bandolier as much as my old one. I now have a baby, and when I take her out in her carrier, it’s so nice to just sling my phone over my shoulder and know we have a lifeline. Plus, I can take tons of photos of her! Not having any pockets or a purse is not an issue. Finally, I want to give mad props to bandolier’s customer service. When I received my new bandolier, the case was SUPER difficult to get on and off my phone and that worried me. I emailed them, and they promptly replied (and I think it was a weekend!) and asked for my order info and my address. Then, they sent me a new case! How cool is that??? I highly recommend the bandolier in all counts. If you’re hesitating, stop! Go and buy it!

2 Bandolier Expanded Zip Pouch

Bandolier Expanded Zip Pouch

  • Product Dimensions 7.83 x 5.28 x 1.54 inches
  • ASIN B07RV4T582
  • Manufacturer BANDOLIER
  • Date First Available 43599

The Bandolier Expanded Zip Pouch has a zipper opening. Perfect for when you need a little more throughout the day. Classic Style-This stylish pouch is a must-have accessory for your messenger phone case. It can be easily clipped on your shoulder strap. Such products are very suitable for some business people to use, so you can rest assured of their products.

Bandolier Phone Case Review

Caryn M

Life Changing! Good quality, nice size, comfortable fit

Great little additional to my Bandolier phone case. Holds some makeup, extra cards, money, and keys. Perfect for my needs.

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